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Oscar Resto, KP4RF – IronHam Coordinator
Gladys Munoz, NP3BY – IronHam Coordinator


The IronHam competition is an event that evaluates the skills in the different areas of the art of communications within the amateur radio community. These skills will be rated based on an individual participation, demonstrating the experience, adaptation to unknown conditions, and stamina of the participant. The skills that are in competition will simulate the event of an emergency that will start with locating a hidden station, constructing an antenna with bare materials and operating a station that can be CW or phone with a paper log. Participation will be limited to 10 individual competitors, inscription previous to the event will be required. In order to the eligible to win, contestants must participate of all three events.

  • Saturday January 30 9:00am Fox Hunt (meet at main arena to meet judges) and 1:00 pm Antenna construction event
  • Sunday January 31 9:00am for Radio Operation event
The IronHam competition will consist of three events
  1. Fox Hunt, this event will be staggered to prevent the follow the leader syndrome. No GPS or cell phone will be permitted. No equipment test can be done after the beginning of the fox hunt. Participants will be staggered and times will be assigned randomly.
  2. Antenna Building, HF a kit will be provided to each participant, wired antenna built at facility, PL’s connector with reducers, 25 feet coax. No prebuilt parts can be used. The participant have to bring his own tools.
    1. The evaluation will consider the antenna soldering, construction, workmanship and deployment. Also will be considered the time limit of 45 minutes for building and deployment. The total time will be considered on the scoring. All participants must provide the required tools (antenna analyzer, solder, solder gun, tools, etc).
    2. Participants will have a limit of 45 minutes to construct and deploy the antenna. Left over minutes will be taken into consideration for this event.
  3. On Air Station Event, the actual stations of the convention will be used. Each participant will have 10 minutes of operation and operation slots will be randomly assigned on the day of the event. The participant may use any legal mode and frequency that his license category permits. A paper log will be utilized.
    1. They station to be used will be an Icon 7600 used also as the special event station and power will be limited to 100 watts. You may bring your own headset and CW key. Operator may do as many band changes and mode changes as desired. QSO will be counted as same country 1 pt, same continent different country 2pt, and different continent 3 pt. Multipliers will be used with the DXCC list per band for the total final score. The operator will use his own call sign. Self-spotting or request for spotting is prohibited (ground for dismissal of the event). Failure to follow any of this rules will result in immediate dismissal form the IronHam event
General Rules:
  • All registered participants must participate in all three events. Participants that fail to participate in all three events will be disqualified from the competition.
  • Prior registration is required and all participants agree to be subjected to scrutiny during all events.
  • All participants release the ARRL State Convention and its organizers from liability from injury or any other physical or mental problems that may arise as a consequence of participating.
  • No members, or immediately family members of event organizers are allowed to participate.
  • Icom IC-7100

    IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver

    IC-7100 HF/VHF/UHF Transceiver


  • Icom IC-5100
 ID-5100A 2m/70cm Digital Transceiver

ID-5100A 2m/70cm Digital Transceiver

  • Icom ID-51A

    ID-51A PLUS VHF/UHF Digital Transceiver

    ID-51A PLUS VHF/UHF Digital Transceiver


Please direct all inquiries to Oscar Resto, KP4RF at

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