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 Saturday, January 24, 2015



“What to keep in mind for contesting”
Tim, K3LR

Tim, K3LR

Tim will be discussing contest rules and how best to interpret them. He will also relate his many years of operating techniques including hints and kinks. What about logging software and what about log checking reports?Tim will discuss that too. Radio Contesting depends upon honesty and integrity. Tim will discuss the ethics of Radio Contesting.This conference will be given in english.



“COntesting from Zone 8”

Ted Jimenez, HI3TEJ

Ted Jimenez, HI3TEJ

This topic will cover the basics of operating from CQ Zone 8. How to take advantage of zones that are 3 points and are reachable from the Caribbean. It will also cover teh basics of operating contests and will help answer the question whether Contesting is for me. This lecture will be given in spanish.This conference will be given in spanish.


“Hints and Kinks for Becoming a Better Contester”
Ward Silver,N0AX

Ward Silver,N0AX

Rather than focus on one particular aspect of contesting, this presentation presents easy-to-digest tips on everything from the operator to the antenna farm.  The goal is to point out ways of picking up easy “score dBs.”  Many things are quite simple but may have been overlooked – it is amazing how much improvement can be obtained from small changes in operating or station design.  The target audience for the presentation is operators who have some contest experience and want to improve performance.This conference will be given in english..



Felipe Hernández, NP4Z

The theme of this forum will be about how technology is leading to the next level competitions. Like her, technology is making it technically amateurs involved in improving their for smaller or larger than either station, this technology is being developed and new implementations. The contests have created a new technical interest to make the most effective competitive participation..This conference will be given in spanish


HI2DX Saona Island Dxpedition

Rigoberto D. Gonzalez, HI8RD

Jose Miguel Pereyra, HI8C

In November 2014, several amateur radio operators in the Dominican Republic and other countries made an expedition to Isla Saona, NA-122
This expedition was a collaborative effort of the three biggest clubs in the Dominica Republic: Dominican Amateur Radio Union, Loma del Toro Contest Club and Radio Club Dominicano.This conference will be given in spanish

Sunday, January 25, 2015



“Come and meet your ARRL Representatives ”


      Q & A Session with:
  • Kay Cragie, N3KN ARRL President
  • Doug Rehman, K4AC Southeastern Division Director
  • Mike Lee, AA6ML, Southeastern Division Vice Director
  • Rene Fonseca, NP3O, Puerto Rico Section Manager
  • Fred Kleber, K9VV, Virgin Islands Section Manager


“New Geometries for High-performance HF/VHF Beams”
Chip Margelli, K7JA

Chip Margelli, K7JA

For decades, Hams have used Yagi beams with elements that, in most cases, are straight. In recent years, however, a new generation of beams has appeared from the UK and other countries in Europe that use either loop or bent driven elements and reflectors, as well as other unique element arrays. Chip Margelli, K7JA of Force 12/InnovAntennas America will discuss these new geometries and more to reveal why these beams can improve your station performance.




Benjamin Nieves

As is common knowledge amateur radio operators are always in readiness to face emergency situations, this conference is focused on emergency preparedness for amateur radio operators. The spotlight is on empowering, selling equipment as well as training sessions to face this situations.
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